Theme Park Camp

COVID19 UPDATE 28/4/2020:

We are not opening our booking system up until we think we know we will be allowed to run the weekend.  We still want Theme Park Camp to happen, but with (a) no face to face scout meetings allowed and (b) Thorpe Park being shut, things are a little uncertain. We will update the socials and this website when a decision is made one way or another.

Friday 11th – Sunday 13th September 2020

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Can you and your Unit afford to miss out on the Explorer Scout and Scout Network event of the year? Take a look around the site to find out more about Theme Park Camp in September when over 400 of us will descend on a campsite in Surrey, and go to Thorpe Park to have the time of our lives.

New-ish is The Walking Dead ride, and if that’s not frightening enough, there’s Derren Brown’s Ghost Train, this season subtitled “Rise of the Demon” oooh scary! Scream if you wanna go faster!

We can’t wait to go on SWARM this year! Plus SAW, a roller coaster based on a horror flick, is immense! We love Stealth: fancy going 0-80mph in two point three seconds ? Then it goes up 60 metres! That’s three times higher than Colossus, over twice as high as Tidal Wave! Yikes!  Talking of which, Colossus is the only 10 loop roller coaster in the UK , that reaches speeds of 45mph, while Tidal Wave is like being strapped down, pushed off a massive waterfall, then someone pours a bath of water on you. Remember, waterproofs are for wimps!

There’s also Nemesis:Inferno, which is very cool, G-forces of 4.5, and stupid speeds right down close to the ground. Then there’s Rush, a giant swing basically, then all sorts of mad spinning things which some of Summit say are amazing, while some feel sick on the teacup ride!

It’s not just about Thorpe Park though, we’ll entertain you each evening with discos and fires and games and inflatables and loads of stuff. Plus you’ll be hanging out with Explorers and Network from all over the country, and that’s always a laugh.