Theme Park Camp 2019 is £45*

The cost will include:

  • Camp fees
  • Transport and entry to Thorpe Park on the Saturday
  • The discos and any other shenanigans involved

but won’t include:

  • You getting there
  • Any food (bring your own)
  • Any drink (bring your own)
  • You getting back home

Your special commemorative badge

Only £2!

This is a high quality woven camp blanket style large badge (9x5cm approx), and will be similar to the 2014 badge shown here, but with some sort of unique and clever design to fit with the theme. Do your badge order at the same time as your booking to make sure we reserve one for you.


*2019 prices in detail

There are reduced prices for leaders’ children and people with annual passes/discount vouchers for Thorpe Park. These are detailed below.

  1. Normal price for the camp, aged 12 and over : £45
  2. Participant sorting out their own entrance to Thorpe Park (2-4-1 pass or season ticket) : £26
  3. Leaders that don’t want to go to Thorpe Park : £26
  4. Child, under 12 : £26
  5. Child, under 4 : FREE