Theme Park Camp 2002

Article written for ‘Surrey Scout’ newsletter

Theme Park Weekend is a Hit

During a gloriously sunny weekend in September, nearly seventy scouts over the age of fourteen met for a fun packed camp in Cobham, Surrey. Local Explorer/Venture Scout units, and the Summit Scout Network of Farnham were joined by a Venture Scout unit from Swindon, and another all the way from Edinburgh, who don’t recommend coach travel as a way of travelling long distance!

After everyone had arrived and set up camp, a disco on the Friday night got things under way, followed by a good chin-wag round the fire.

The main event was Saturday, when everyone went to Thorpe Park by coach, and most groups headed straight for Colossus, the roller-coaster with the most loops in the world, ten in total! It was clearly too early to get nervous, and most people got off the ride still grinning. Then in case anyone hadn’t had time for a wash in the morning, Tidal Wave was next on the list, followed by the river rapids, and the log flume. Visiting the rest of the rides, including the spectacular Vertex, gave everyone a chance to dry out, and win a few souvenir soft toys.

After getting back from Thorpe Park, a barbecue was swiftly followed by a Beach Party, where grass skirts, coconut bikinis, and very loud shirts, seemed to be the order of the day. Dan Stone of Saxon Ventures was the unlikely winner of the Best Dressed “Female” award, while Ian Davis of Haddington Ventures won Best Dressed Male, with a special award going to Louise Collis, also of Saxon Ventures, for her spectacular skirt!

After a raucous Smells Like Teen Spirit (good job we reinforced the marquee poles!), and a rousing mass sing-a-long to Bohemian Rhapsody, everyone went and sat round the campfire until the early hours of the morning, singing the odd song, and telling tall tales.

The event was organised by the members and leaders of Summit Scout Network of Farnham, who thought it went so well they are planning to do it all again next September. If you want to be part of the fun next year, drop us an email –, it’s open to all Explorer/Network scouts, and we’ll keep you informed directly. For further pictures, and to find out what else the Summit are up to, see the web-site,

Written by Ian W.

Farnham Herald press release:

The Scout Network are at it again! Theme Park Camp 2002

As you may or may not be aware, the local Scout groups have now changed, and instead of being Venture Scouts we are now Network.

To celebrate the recent change over, one of our ‘responsible adults’, Ian Wilkins thought it’d be a good idea to hold a camp, and for all of you that went, I think you can agree with me that it was a very good idea of his.

As a group Summit all tried to help Ian as much as we could. A lot of work and a few months later the camp was held on the weekend of the 20th September at Polyapes Campsite in Cobham!

We all arrived early to help Uncle Ian set-up, and most importantly to make sure the disco was ready for the other groups when they arrived! Once everybody had arrived and checked each other out, (you know who I’m talking about!) with orange juice in hand everyone went off to dance the night away at the on-site disco.

Saturday morning at 8am everyone is woken up to the smell of a fry up (or so they wish), for some it was biscuits and others decided to wait until they got to Thorpe Park. With everyone on the coach and ready to go, we all set off to ride the famous Colossus.

Once we’d done the 10 loops on the ride, we decide it’s time to get wet before we eat so we head straight for Tidal Wave!

After lunch we slowly work our way round all the different rides till 5 pm when we headed back to the coach. Back at Polyapes with the BBQs all fired up and ready to go, everyone eats (for some it’s biscuits again) and then disappears to get ready in their fancy dress. The theme for the night was a Hawaiian Beach Party – as you all know it’s not that warm in an evening in September, but hey – us Scouts are up for anything! Once down at the disco with more orange juice, you would have thought that we were on a beach somewhere hot, there were hula dancers (not just female), Scots in kilts, Hawaiian shirts galore, and even a couple of shipwrecked people.

The night ended with a group dance and quick round of Queen. Back round the BBQ, every one has gathered to sing yet more songs and have a good old giggle. With people slowly disappearing around 2 am. Sunday morning everyone is slowly awakening, blurry eyed and ready to start the trek home. For us it was now time to pack everything away. Once done summit departs, back to Farnham to unpack it all.

A good weekend was had by all, and Summit would like to thank Ian Wilkins for all his hard work, and hope that it was the first of many to come.

Written by Toni G.