A few questions & answers you may find handy…

Q: How many people are coming?
A: No idea! The last few years have had 470, that’s about the limit for the car park, and keeping it small enough to be friendly.

Q: Are there any places left?
A: We had to turn people away last year, but that was the weekend before. So there’s very probably spaces, depending on the date. Do us a favour though, book early.

Q: Do I have to be a member of the Scout Association?
A: Yes. Either an Explorer Scout, a Scout Network member, SSAGO, or a leader.

Q: But I’m a Ranger/Senior Guide, can I come?
A: Oh go on then, if you bring a leader with a camp licence with you. Email us for more info.

Q: I’ve got a Merlin/Thorpe Park season ticket, can I use that?
A: Yes you can, you lucky blighter! Price for the weekend without the Thorpe Park entry will be less – see the costs page.

Q: What’s the theme for the party on Saturday night?
A: We’re getting our creative juices ready…soon.

Q: Can we use our 2-for-1 vouchers for Thorpe Park?
A: Yes, but we reckon you’ll still be paying more overall. Anyway, in this case you’ll be responsible for buying your own tickets when you get to Thorpe Park. Don’t forget to bring them! Price for the camp for anyone not needing Thorpe Park ticket is less – please see the costs page.

Q: I don’t fancy going to Thorpe Park, can I just come for the parties?
A: No. Well, if you’re a leader, and don’t want to be stood at Thorpe Park holding coats and bags all day, ok then, you can relax at the campsite, and your ticket is cheaper too, funnily enough.

Q: What’s the booze situation?
A: If you are over 18, yes you will be allowed to drink. There will not be a bar on-site. The nearest offie is about 1-2 miles away.
Full details of the alcohol policy will be sent to people who are coming to the camp. If you have any concerns/questions, please email us. We do not and will not condone or encourage alchohol abuse and take a very dim view of under-age drinking as per the green card.

Q: Giant party games? What’s that all about?
A: Well, games, but GIANT! We’ve created one of those big stacking tower things (Jenga, but HUGE!) and a GIANT Twister game too! If we’ve got enough spare cash, I fancy a couple of them giant sumo suits, they’d be a laugh.

Q: My Explorers need their beauty sleep, and sometimes those nasty big Network are a bit noisy, what can you do?
A: Trust us, Network need their beauty sleep too, and then some! Explorers and Network will be camping in separate areas of the campsite, though we won’t have searchlights and guard dogs keeping the two sections apart.

Q: I’m a leader, and I can’t leave my kids at home, can they come?
A: Yes, they are more than welcome, but they are your responsibility.

Q: What about parking my car/minibus?
A: There is parking on-site but please bring as few vehicles as possible. We know that lots of Network members like to drive but please stick to as few as you can manage with so that we can fit you all in. You can come by train and we’ll pick you up from the station.

Q: We’ve got someone in a wheelchair, what’s the deal?
A: Well, a helper comes for 1/2 price too. We have a disabled toilet we can camp you near, and the buses have special low entry doors. Let us know so we can “be prepared”

Q: What does the full camp price include?
A: All camp fees, transport to and from Thorpe Park, and your entry ticket.  More details on the costs page.